Hack for Comix Zone

Comix Zone Mod Apk is a hacking on the game, which should be familiar to those who once had Sega. And those who have never dealt with it, then prepare to delve into a very unusual and interesting story. Your main character gets into the comic book and will fight with the enemies, which he himself painted. You are waiting for a lot of the most unexpected places, so the game will definitely not let you go soon.

The plot of Comix Zone Mod Apk

Your main character is a genius who dedicated his entire life to creating comic books. But the fate to him is unfair and he faces great problems when, by some accident, he gets into his creations. A very sad case, when talent turns against its owner. How exactly the character gets into the comic book is not told, but this does not relieve him of the problems he has acquired.

You will come across a great adventure, getting every time to interesting locations. Hack Comix Zone was created precisely in order to open them all at the very beginning of the game. You will have to visit places from which it seems impossible to get out, while fighting with a huge number of monsters. You have to defeat the main enemy of Mortus, that this nightmare is over and you were able to return to normal life.

Your main character can use the most interesting and unexpected techniques. With Comix Zone hack, you can access the entire arsenal of attacks whenever you want. You will be able to use the most powerful forces of various superheroes and you will easily use them without any restrictions. Hack Comix Zone is intended only to simplify your game from the very beginning.

Try your hand not only in hand-to-hand fighting, but also with the use of different weapons. Comix Zone hack will also give you this opportunity with absolutely free. Even more knives and pomegranates are already in your stock. Remember that there is always a chance of survival, you only need to show more desire for victory and perhaps a little patience.

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