Hack for I am Bread

One of the most original games in history. Here, you will not become a character and will fight with the horde of enemies, and take the role of an ordinary piece of bread. Yes, yes, it’s bread! The idea of ​​the game is definitely worth it to download it and see what awaits you.

Features of the gameplay I am Bread

A game that shows what is more interesting you have not seen anything yet. Try to control a small slice of bread and understand that everything you played before nothing. Only for the beginning it will be necessary to reconcile with the idea that bread will move and he has brains. Your main character has a dream and is that it would be a delicious roasted toast. It will be necessary to try to get to the other end of the apartment for the realization of a dream.

Of course, if you look from the human point of view, then it will not be difficult to pass a couple of meters around the apartment, but only you are not a man playing. For your bread it will be hard work, but you will definitely help him to achieve the goal. Remember that you do not have much time for this, because bread does not always stay fresh either.

Management in the game, too, leaves much to be desired. There will not be any simple jumps or clicks on the screen. Realize your opportunities with the help of svaypov. The developers have specifically created this type of control so that you do not think that everything is so simple. You will move around the apartment with the help of hooks for other items.

The main task in I am Bread is to fall on the floor or into the water. This is quite logical, because a delicious toast of dirty or wet bread just will not work. At first glance, the idea of ​​the game seems pretty stupid and too simple, but after playing for a while you will understand how exciting it all is and spend here for exactly one hour. With all this to fulfill the dream bread you do not need a cool gaming device. Just concentrate and you will definitely succeed.

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