Hack for Katawa Shoujo

Become a member of a very interesting graphic novel, which the developers have translated into Russian specifically for you. Penetrate the story of one guy who completely changes his life and reveal all his secrets. The game is definitely worth your attention, if you love something original and special, because it is unique in its genre.

The plot of Katawa Shoujo

The whole plot of the game will be held in one of the Japanese schools for special children. And this school becomes unusual because only children with disabilities study in it. Your main character clearly did not expect that sometime in his life he will be here, but he has no choice and has to succumb to fate. And he got stupid after a recent heart attack. Heavy illness severely affected his health and he learns that he is terminally ill with cardiac arrhythmia.

You wake up in the intensive care unit and you understand that you just can not see the old life. The main character struggles to cope with this news, but can not. When he got into this school life does not seem so sad. It is here that he will acquire a new meaning of life, get acquainted with a large number of friends and completely rethink everything that happened to him before that. Be open to new acquaintances and you will certainly find not only many friends, but it is also possible to meet the love of your life.

Pros of Katawa Shoujo

With Katawa Shoujo you will find a truly original and interesting gameplay, with what exactly you do not need to do. Just follow the story line, but try to follow it. All the dialogues in Katawa Shoujo are very intriguing and you will want to not for a second leave the game to find out what happens next. Just enjoy a good graphic design and pleasant music. This game, like a book, only with animated accompaniment and pretty impressive details. Katawa Shoujo is suitable for any good Android smartphone and is available for all ages.

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