Hack for My Lands

Very exciting and quite colorful game, where you can immerse yourself in the cool gameplay of a special world. What will you do in it yourself, but you will create it yourself, and My Lands will help you in this. Participate in grand battles and be one of the best there, but do not forget about your main goal.

My Lands Modes

In each of the modes you are waiting for pleasant bonuses that will help you to quickly cope with the tasks. In each of them you can build for yourself a good structure. My Lands will help you get the very best of them, while still making sure that the resources for them do not end there.

It does not matter, you will be fighting real people in multiplayer mode or with a bunch of enemies in the survival mode, you will in any case need a large amount of money to buy items of struggle against them. My Lands will provide you with this amount of game currency and you will definitely cope with everything.

Features of the plot My Lands

This game is available for several game modes, but in any case you will need to start somewhere. To begin with, you will create the first buildings in your world. My Lands will allow you to uncover for this the best items that will be useful for survival and even in the earliest stages of the game. Here, you will not have any weapons before the game process starts, but will start on the final countdown. You will need to not only survive in this most interesting action, but also become the only player who survived among all the others for victory.

You have to unravel the many mysteries of your world. Your main task will be to fight the rest of the players for your own victory and then you will need a powerful cannon without which it is basically impossible. Prepare to survive in the most difficult situations and fight off a huge heap of enemies who want to kill you. Plunge into the plot of the game and unravel the mystery of the beautiful world of My Lands.

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