Hack for Planet: Back for Seconds

Dive into a very interesting arcade and try to absorb almost the whole world. A game that will taste not only for young children, but also will not leave even the most capricious adult without attention. To install Planet: Back for Seconds, you do not need the best gaming device, just a little time and desire. you definitely will succeed!

Gameplay Planet: Back for Seconds

At the very beginning of the game you are waiting for unrivaled travel to various locations, where you will meet a lot of different items. Home your goal is to eat them all, but do not rush to start with the biggest. You will not be there in human form, but will appear in the form of a small cloud of dust.

Over time, a small cloud turns into a huge immense mass, but not all at once. In order for this to happen you have to spend a lot of effort and show good skills to dodge, because more massive objects will be able to crush you without any problems. Your main task will be to search for smaller objects for absorption. Show maximum aggression and attentiveness in order to achieve success as soon as possible and climb up the leaderboard.

Graphics and Management Planet: Back for Seconds

Graphic design Planet: Back for Seconds is pretty good, because it has a very beautiful two-dimensional image. You are waiting for a large number of rooms in which a lot of food. Although you do not expect the most beautiful three-dimensional picture, but in general all the design looks very worthy. On your screen there will be so many different items that it takes a lot of time to absorb them.

Plus Planet: Back for Seconds is also in the fact that you have a choice of several options for management. Everyone can find a more convenient way for himself. Try each one and choose what you like more, conventional joystick control or something else. In any case, the auxiliary keys will be at the bottom of the screen. You will definitely succeed if you follow your ball more.

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