Hack for Portal

The game, which has collected the best genres, such as a rpg, puzzle and action, is now available for your smartphone for free. The developers did not badly try to create Portal for you. They, you can say, created a whole new genre of spatial puzzles, which is endowed with one of the best gameplay in general in the history of games.

Plot and action Portal

You take on the role of a test subject, who is exploring a new spatial weapon. It allows you to create portals almost everywhere you want. All this will happen in a special laboratory, which is designed to investigate the inputs and outputs of these same portals. Your task is to check absolutely all the possibilities of this development, but remember, you need to be extremely careful that there is no harm, it’s not toys.

Your actions in Portal will be quite extensive. You will have the opportunity not only to independently navigate through the rooms, but also to do this with different items. Experiment on laser charges, boxes and even robots that guard you. With the latter you need to be more careful, because when you want to finally get out of this place, they will give you a good resistance. That’s where you will find all the skills that you will get. The ending of the game is very impressive, but we would like you to familiarize yourself with it.

Portal Features

This game is really worthy to be on your gaming device, not only because of good gameplay, but generally because of the idea. This is exactly the case when you will not be sorry for the spent hours in some application. In the beginning, it may seem complicated in perception and management, but after a few levels you will not be able to tear yourself away. Who knows, you can get to Portal in a few hours, maybe days, but now you will have a great opportunity to check it out. Download this game on our site absolutely for free and enjoy really high-quality content that will please not only you, but also possibly friends with whom you share it.

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