Hack for The Silent Age

Find out how quickly you can make your way through complex quests and quests with your main characters in one of the most original games of the point’n’click The Silent Age genre. Only the most savvy and clever can go through all the obstacles and learn all the secrets of the game.

Features of the game The Silent Age

In the beginning, you will not have a choice of the main character. You will manage the main character in search of answers to questions that arose after you found the patient in the basement of the hospital. With the help of your hero and time machine, you will jump from one location to another, but it all just looks simple. The Silent Age will help you with overcoming the most diverse obstacles giving you a large number of bonuses for achieving great success.

With The Silent Age you can not only overcome difficult obstacles, but also get all hard-to-reach items that you so long ago lacked. The game is very interesting and requires you to be smart enough to cope with the tasks. This is really a very cool quest, where you can spend more than one hour.

The Silent Age

You should be surprised by the management of the game. To control the hero you will only need to click on the screen and read the tasks. As you overcome one obstacle after another, you will gradually discover more and more new opportunities. The Silent Age will give you the opportunity to discover everything you need right at the beginning.

From you will depend only on the quality of the gameplay and the ability to think quickly in critical situations. If it is difficult for you at the beginning, go through the training mode and gradually your playing skills will grow and even the most difficult obstacles will be easily accessible. The Silent Age will provide a large number of additional resources that can quickly overcome a variety of obstacles and enough money to afford all possible improvements and access to all closed levels. Unlock absolutely all the possibilities with The Silent Age and you will definitely be one of the best.

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