Hack Pony Creator – Create Your Pony

Have you longed to get yourself one of the beautiful little horses from the well-known cartoon? Now you also have this opportunity. Pony Creator – Create Your Pony is exactly the same game for girls, created based on the cartoon with the best of its representatives. If you do not know what to do with your child, then this game will definitely help you.

Gameplay Pony Creator – Create Your Pony

This is an excellent opportunity to get yourself a virtual pet. Your whole task is to just take care of the little horse. Every day it will grow and gradually become an adult. Pony Creator – Create Your Pony will greatly simplify this process. The main thing is to interact with the main character.

You need to enter the game as often as possible. You have to raise a baby almost from the diapers. Feed, bathe, dress, watch the mode of the day of the horse and she will please you with her pretty face. You can also get yourself some horses, just do not forget to give everyone the right care. The more kids you have, the more fun will be the gameplay.

Features of Pony Creator – Create Your Pony

Create your own style for your pet in Pony Creator – Create Your Pony without any problems. Pick her a special outfit in which she will look great. Choose beautiful accessories and please pony. With each new level, you will discover more and more opportunities. Open a huge pile of new clothes, food and much more. Create a beautiful interior in the world Pony Creator – Create Your Pony. You can pick up a variety of interior items and at the same time do not deny yourself anything.

Pony Creator – Create Your Pony will be an indispensable thing in this game. Spend with your pet as much as possible. When your pony reaches a certain age, you will discover even more options. Recreate the heroine right like in the cartoon! Pony Creator – Create your Pony can be called an improved version of similar simulators. Here you will discover more new features, improved graphics and added many other features.

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