Hack Rolling Sky on balls and keys

The game you already know is probably from childhood is now available for your smartphone, along with a steep hack Rolling Sky. You will control the red ball, which will need to jump all the time, but will you get to the right fields without bumping into black holes for a long period of time? Now you will have a chance to test it.

Gameplay Rolling Sky hack

The gameplay of the game is still not bad, but rather rather monotonous. Despite the same actions, you will still want to play this game again and again. The whole point of the game is to go as far as possible every time. Unfortunately there are no game levels, tasks or missions. All you need is just to jump through the small fields, which all the time drop out to you randomly. You seem to play all the time on the same level, while getting each time to new obstacles and opening up new opportunities for the ball.

The further you advance the more points you earn. Rolling Sky Mod Apk will slightly simplify this task for you in the later stages of the game and give you some money to purchase a trampoline or accelerations. This game is a great way to arrange a small competition with your friends and check which of you can set a new record.

Features of hack Rolling Sky

You will not need money in this game, only extra lives and some bonuses from boosters. Rolling Sky Mod Apk will save you from this need to get to those platforms, because it will provide you with enough amount inside the game currency for all the things you need. Spend this huge amount of money on your little ball and increase its chances of a new record.

On the game map you will have a huge number of very different traps. In principle, training will not help you very much to learn to avoid them better, just try to concentrate on the next jump and take more care to successfully complete the card and earn as many bonuses as possible.

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